Experiments in wearable electronic art.

Harness fabrication

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I’ve begin thinking about the fabrication of the wiring harness. Here are some of the constraints:

  • The I2C network is four-wire – power, ground, data, and clock. The network itself is wired in parallel, like a buss.
  • Whatever I build needs to be able to withstand an active wearer.
  • Segments should be easily field-replaceable.
  • LEDs need to be removable, because each one has a specific address, and that address has to be programmed into the LED when it is off the buss.
  • The aesthetics of the harness itself are a secondary concern.

The little MinM LEDs are 0.49″ square, and are set up for a standard 4-pin 2.54 mm header.

Harness fabrication

Harness fabrication

My plan is to solder four-pin 2.54 mm headers right into the MinMs, then use crimp connectors on a ribbon cable to put the MinMs on the buss. That way I can easily replace a dead LED, or reprogram an LED easily.

The strap idea is still pretty sketchy. I need to hold the headers perpendicular to the wearer’s skin, and the design above seems to do that. Putting the thing on will still be a chore. But hey, it’s art. Art often requires sacrifice.

Author: regenesis

Seattle New Media artist.

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