Experiments in wearable electronic art.

Parts ordered, straps

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Last night I ordered 50 MinM smart LEDs, and a bunch of IDC connectors an headers from Digi-Key that I’ll be using to create the busses. That stuff will probably show up later in the week.

Strap termination

Strap design

Last night I tried to teach myself to sew. I can safely say that I’m an utter failure at sewing, but like everything, I expect it takes practice. However the experience of trying to sew velcro onto elastic with a hand-held sewing machine proved painful enough to be the impetus for me to think about better ways to engineer the straps.

The design shown here tries to minimize sewing, improve comfort by keeping the back of the IDC header from being directly against the wearer, and firmly hold the header and ribbon cable. What is sacrificed by this design is adjustability, however, the straps themselves are elastic, so hopefully that won’t matter much. Also I got snaps that are like rivets that you actually hammer into the fabric. I’ll try to fabricate some of these tonight.

Author: regenesis

Seattle New Media artist.

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