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Bobbin Winder

My ad hoc bobbin winder

…is the mother of invention. On the short list of things I didn’t expect to be creating today: a bobbin winder. I remember my mother’s sewing machine had something mechanism for putting thread on bobbins. Well, I don’t have a proper sewing machine, so I had to make my own. Four-volt motor running at 1.5V for lower speed. Further proof that most problems can be solved with the copious application of hot glue.

And get a load of that thread. It’s called “upholstery thread.” I’m sure that people who sew know all about these things, but it’s all new to me. Anyway, this stuff is strong. I mean, crazy strong. I’m pretty sure you could use the stuff to garrote someone, if need be.

Author: regenesis

Seattle New Media artist.

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