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MinM LEDs arrive, I2C

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That's a lot of MinMs

I just got the big stack of 50 MinM smart LEDs. They come in individual stat bags and include a four-pin header (which is handy, because I need those). I had assumed they’d have some bulk packaging, but no. Anyway I’ve got some serious assembly line work to do. For each LED, I need to:

  • Solder the four-pin header.
  • Program the individual LED address using a program I wrote for the Arduino. This program also sets the startup parameters for the LEDs the way I want them, which is for the LEDs to be quiescent.
  • Label the LEDs with a little paper label so I can know what address is programmed into that particular LED.

I’m also getting a little worried about the I2C buss length. In particular, I’m scared of how much capacitance there is on the total buss, and what that will do to my bitrate. I think I’m going to do a test with a crazy long cable run — Arduino on one end, single MinM on the other. If I can still talk over a few meters of ribbon, I’ll feel better.

I ordered more elastic and snaps. The snaps, by the way, are called “anorak snaps.” In British slang, anorak means someone who is inordinately interested in some obscure subject, like electronic music or whatever. So that seems mighty appropriate for me and this project.

    Author: regenesis

    Seattle New Media artist.

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