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MiniMe animations

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Full MiniMe

Full MiniMe harness

I’m having a lot of fun with this MiniMe harness. I’m really glad I decided to just populate it with all the sockets for all 50 LEDs – this miniature harness will make it much easier for me to program animations – something I did for an hour last night for the video in the last post.

I’ve got countless ideas for ways to light this thing up. One thing I did last night, that’s not in the video, was a really simple program that just picks a random LED address, sets it to a random color, and immediately tells it to fade to black. Do this at 50 Hz, and you get an amazing sparkle effect. Changing the fade time (either up or down, to modify the duty cycle of the flashes) makes it either more frantic or more soothing. I’m looking forward to experimenting with lots more animations over the next couple months.

I think, however, that the MiniMe needs to stand up for himself. This weekend I’ll try to build some kind of ad hoc armature for the thing.

Author: regenesis

Seattle New Media artist.

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