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Addressing Scheme

And I thought I had it all figured out...

I have been writing up notes about how I want to physically control anthrolume while I’m wearing it. The current plans are to use a wrist-mounted 20×4 LCD, a rotary encoder with center-push button, and perhaps four momentary contact switches on four fingertips, actuated by the thumb on that same hand.

I ordered an appropriate LCD, and since I’ve already got the I2C buss right there at my wrist, I also bought a remarkably inexpensive I2C backpack for the LCD that allows me to address that device over my little on-body network.

While reading about that, I discovered that the chip it uses, the MCP23008, only has three address lines, so it can only talk on I2C addresses 0 – 7. And I might use another one of these backpacks as an I/O extender to handle the finger buttons.

So my former addressing scheme, shown in the image above, has to be revised. I’m going to add 10 to all the addresses, effectively reserving 1 – 9 for non-MinM devices. While this is a pain in the ass, it’s better for me to discover this today than later, when I’ve got piles of static data encoding animation patterns by address. As it is I only have a few of those that I created for the demonstration videos, so it won’t be too hard to modify those. Also I’ll have to physically reshuffle all the MinMs on MiniMe, and re-address ten MinMs to addresses 51 – 60.

Author: regenesis

Seattle New Media artist.

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