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Better labeling

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New Labels

New Labels on the arm MinMs (and an old one)

I’ve been having all kinds of trouble with the labels on the MinM LEDs. They’ve been falling off, and if the label falls off more than one at once, I have to run a program to determine which LED has which address. Plus they are visible from the front. I wanted a better way.

Today I got these tiny colored dots. I’m sticking them on the MPU side of the MinMs (the backside), which is the only place there’s any flat space at all. Then I simply write the MinM’s address in the dot. Also, I’m color coding the LEDs by what buss they live on:

  • Red for the head/spine buss.
  • Yellow for the arm buss.
  • Green for the chest buss.
  • Blue for the leg buss.

Author: regenesis

Seattle New Media artist.

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