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Netduino With Some MinMs

Netduino in action

I got a Netduino Plus, just to try it out. It’s a gorgeous piece of hardware. I’m already good at C#/.NET, so it’s just as easy to program for me. The main attractions for me are better debugging (in Visual Studio, with breakpoints, etc.), and real threading, which is important to me because I’m doing animations.

I got a basic program running on the Netduino to talk to my MiniMe buss. But weirdly, it won’t talk to all of it. If there are more than about 35 MinMs on the buss, the entire buss stops responding. I’m working with the super-helpful Chris Walker over on the Netduino Forums to try to get that worked out. I even busted out my oscilloscope. You know I’m in deep.

If I can get the Netduino to reliably talk to the entire buss, and to the display (which is tomorrow’s task), I will probably switch from the Arudiuno to the Netduino. It’ll mean porting certain libraries from Arduino, but I’m not too worried about that – I’m an old skool hacker. So…keeping my fingers crossed.

Author: regenesis

Seattle New Media artist.

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