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List of inputs to the Arduino Mega

I made a list of expected connections to the Arduino Mega – it’s pretty astounding. It looks like I’ll need to pull a 16-wire ribbon out to my wrist just for input and display.

First there’s the I2C buss that drives the LEDs – that’s two wires of communication plus power and ground. I’m running all that over an 8-wire ribbon cable.

Then there’s SPI, which is how I’m talking to my LCD display. That’s four wires plus power and ground. Next to the display will be the rotary encoder/button control, which has five switches and the encoder, weighing in at 7 inputs.

Each index finger on my right hand will have a button at the tip, two of which are connected to interrupts so I don’t have to poll them. Plus they need ground.

And finally there’s the bend sensor, which needs two wires. I’m not sure yet on which hand I’ll mount that.

It’s a lot of I/O, and a lot of ribbon cables, but I’m hoping it will all seem worth it when it comes together.

Author: regenesis

Seattle New Media artist.

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