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Chest frame complete

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Last night I finished the polyethylene chest frame. It was greatly complicated by the fact that I designed it to be trapezoidal – it’s 12″ across at the top, but only 11″ across at the bottom. However it turned out fine, and it’s weight and rigidity are just right. The bottom segment is elongated so as to back the bottommost horizontal segment of the wiring harness.

Poly Frame Joint

Copper-reinforced fake "+" joints

At left you can see a couple of the ad hoc “+” joints I made by abutting elbow fittings against each other, then reinforcing the joint with a copper rod.

The thing is rigid enough to stay flat on its own. So I will need to heat it up and bend it so it fits the arc of the front of my body. Then after that’s done I’ll mount the chest buss wiring harness on this thing, and figure out how it is going to attach to the suspenders. So far it looks pretty easy – there is plenty of intersection between the frame and the suspender straps.

Final Poly Frame

The final polyethylene frame

Author: regenesis

Seattle New Media artist.

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