Experiments in wearable electronic art.


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I have from the beginning promoted this project as an art project. While I would say I have a better-than-average eye, I do not consider myself in any way qualified as a visual artist. So as you page through the posts in this blog, it’s easy to see the project as more of an engineering project.

I have always planned for anthrolume to sort of revel in its own geekiness. I want the harness exposed. I want wrist-mounted displays and controls. I want retro sci-fi. But from a purely aesthetic standpoint, it’s hard to call anthrolume pretty. Admittedly the thing is a hodgepodge of laughably repurposed technology and materials.

I do, however, care how it looks, to the extent that I can. And there’s one overriding fact about anthrolume: It’s all about the lights. That means the aesthetics of the harnesses, frames, straps, belts, suspenders, electronics boxes, and other little parts are secondary. What matters is how it looks in the dark.

Considering that, I’ve decided to go black. The chest frame, belt, and other parts are already black, but I’ve decided to make the rest of the thing as black as I can. Black is the absence of reflected light. So I’m going to try to make all this technology fade into the background, and let the lights do the talking.

So tonight I’m blacking out the chest wiring harness in preparation for mounting it on the chest frame.


Blacking out the blue harness ribbon cables

Author: regenesis

Seattle New Media artist.

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