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Route weapons power to main nacelles!

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Max Current

All LEDs at max brightness

Glorious success. Using an NTE931 3A, 5V voltage regulator, I’ve managed to get all 50 MinM LEDs up to full brightness. They’re pulling 1.68A through their tiny four-wire buss. Here’s a picture of the setup, running at full brightness (that is each LED set to RGB 0xffffff).

Interestingly, this max current draw (1680mA) means that my batteries could theoretically power the suit, at full brightness like this, for 3.2 hours solid. I’d be a walking flashlight. Naturally this is worst-case current draw, so I think my real-world battery life will be much longer.

You can see the big voltage regulator, upside down, with three alligator clips on it. At full current, that guy is almost hot to the touch. I hate to be wasting energy as heat, but I can’t run the MinMs at any voltage over 5V. For kicks. I’m going to try to run the buss unregulated off a single battery, which when fully charged delivers over 4V. If I can still get the LEDs to full brightness that way, I might just connect all four batteries in parallel instead, and avoid wasting energy on the regulator.

Here’s the graph of LED brightness value versus current draw in amps.

Current Draw Chart

Current draw (A) versus brightness

Author: regenesis

Seattle New Media artist.

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