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Head and spine harness underway

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Head Harness

The head portion of the head+spine harness

Here’s the head part of the head and spine harness. This is in many ways the most important harness in anthrolume because it acts as the electrical backbone for the other three harnesses (arms, legs, and chest). It has eight LEDs around my face, as shown, and another four down below. The lower part of the harness isn’t done yet. I have to be extra thoughtful about exactly where the other harnesses attach, and where the spine attaches to the Arduino, which will be belt-mounted.

I’m using some new material in this harness as well. I’m using this crazy-strong double-sided foam tape to hold the right-angle ribbon folds together, and I’m using little wedges of cosmetics foam to push out the two LEDs on my hat. The harness attaches up there with velcro in three places.

Author: regenesis

Seattle New Media artist.

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