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MiniMe – reloaded

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MiniMe Reloaded

The updated MiniMe model

I made some changes to the harnesses today on MiniMe to prototype those changes before I make them to the full-size rig. The changes come from my attempts to create a final head+spine buss. The two big changes are that I’ve made the head detachable (that is, it’s not longer part of the spine), and that the spine is now basically just a buss – no LEDs live there. I moved four LEDs off it yesterday (the “lower spine” now its own little harness), so now the spine only serves to connect the head, arms, lower spine, chest, Arduino, and legs (in that order).

And since i made that dreadful quarter-scale copper armature for the chest buss, I figured I might as well press the thing into service. Now it backs the chest LEDs, so their spacing is a bit better.

Here it is blazing half-brightness red (much more than that will over-current my USB port).

Author: regenesis

Seattle New Media artist.

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