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Belt progress

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Belt Rig

The three parts that are mounted on my belt

Today I spent a bunch of time getting the belt assembly set up. Today’s work:

  • Started building a new protoshield for the Arduino that doesn’t use pass-through headers.
  • Built a new Arduino box that puts the Arduino further back in the box. This leaves some extra room at the top for a power switch and the power wiring.
  • Built most of the two wiring harnesses that link the battery boxes to the Arduino box.

I still haven’t hooked up the Arduino side of the power wiring. But I really like the way the strain reliefs turned out. They are, like nearly everything else in anthrolume, a hack. They’re each made out of two rubber faucet grommets that are held in place by heat-shrink rings.

The three boxes attach to my belt using industrial velcro (yes, it’s actually called “industrial”). Here’s how the three boxes look mounted on my belt.


Belt with batteries and Arduino attached

Author: regenesis

Seattle New Media artist.

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