Experiments in wearable electronic art.

An experiment in remote development

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When I develop the software for anthrolume, I sorta need the microcontroller and the MiniMe harness with all the LEDs in it to do any kind of testing. But what if I’ve got some cycles to burn at a Pete’s Coffee and I don’t have all the gear? I decided to try an experiment in remote development. I pointed the webcam in my studio at MiniMe, and left the Arduino plugged into USB. Then I remote into my studio computer and do development on the software over the remote connection. I can upload the programs to the Arduino, run them, and see the results in a webcam window. It feels kinda geek-cool.

Here’s me running my AnthrolumeTest program (which is a command-line program for testing the harness), and telling all the LEDs to be blue with the command “ab” for “all-blue”:

Remote Development

Using a webcam to do remote development

I think after anthrolume has had its debut at Burning Man I’ll set up a permanent MiniMe website that lets you send commands to it to run different animations. It’ll be a fun lasting artifact.

Author: regenesis

Seattle New Media artist.

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