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Animation code working

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I keep promising here in my blog to don the full suit, now that it’s fully functional, and post a video demo. While my excitement about having completed 90% of the physical fabrication part of the project is understandable, I was getting a little ahead of myself. The problem is that since the software isn’t done, it’s not easy to get anthrolume to do a lot. Or maybe I should say, it’s not easy to get anthrolume to do more than one thing. You’ve seen posts here with animations and all manner of lights in them. That’s all real code (if a little hacked up). But they’re each separate programs, or programs where to change the animation pattern I have to comment out one block of code and uncomment another. And then I have to upload the program to the Arduino, which means hooking up to USB. So getting a nice variety of material together to show in a video is actually kind of tedious.

So on Friday I started writing parts of the real production software that I will be running when I am strutting around the Playa. The weekend’s progress:

  • Invented a compact representation for arrays of LED addresses.
  • Figured out how to put the static data for animations into Flash memory.
  • Wrote a class to wrap LED addresses (AddressTable).
  • Defined the structure for static animation data.
  • Wrote a collection class for animation data (Animations).
  • Wrote a singleton class to execute animations (Animation).

List And Run

Listing animations and running one of them

And the cool part is that as of last night, for the first time I could run a real animation using all this software. So I have to port a few arrays of addresses to this new program (that define the frames of animation), and type up some static data, but very soon I should be able to make anthrolume loop through a bunch of animations for a proper demonstration. And then I’ll post the video.

Author: regenesis

Seattle New Media artist.

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