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Background animations working!

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Part of the beauty of Anthrolume 2.0 is that I don’t have to write everything from scratch. This time around I get to reuse gobs of code from Anthrolume 1.0. I pulled in a bunch of stuff, and now the following pieces from Anthrolume 1.0 are working with the 2.0 setup:

Used as-is

  • TimedTaskManager – poor man’s threading – handles animation and all background tasks
  • Keypad – class that handles interaction with the SparkFun Wearable Keypad
  • Beats – the flywheeling beat-per-minute counter that synchronizes my animations with music
  • ModeLEDs – the class that handles the three Mode LEDs on the CPU box.


  • Anthrolume – the application class that implements the serial console and ties everything together
  • BlinkM – kept the RGB class from this library, but dropped the rest because I’m using a different kind of LED this time


  • Strand – a new class that drives the CoolNeon LED strand. This class also handles SD-card I/O, and the APIs of my old Animations and Animation classes.

The great part is that as of tonight, all this stuff is working. Huge leverage – without much work, I had animation with time-scheduled frames and musical-tempo animation synchronization – tasks that took me months to implement on the first suit. Part of this is due to discipline on my part, but lots of it is because I’m standing on the shoulders of giants, using great libraries like Flash, DigitalWriteFast, and SD.

Here’s the test rig using the new (and superior) Adafruit micro-SD breakout board.

Rig with new Adafruit microSD card reader

Test rig with 50 LEDs and new Adafruit microSD card reader

Author: regenesis

Seattle New Media artist.

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