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XBee goodness, remote development redux

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Remove development rig

Remote development rig

I’m rapidly approaching the point where I will have the electronics for Anthrolume 2.0 completely prototyped. At that point I’ll be good to go for creating the more-or-less-permanent Mega Shield that will hold all the electronics for the production suit, and I’ll feel good about mounting the LEDs in the suit itself.



One of the last bits is getting the XBee radio to work. The XBee is how my suit will synchronize itself with other members of my Burning Man camp (Prismaticamp), as well as providing a mechanism for controlling the suit from a hacked Android phone.

I’ve got a business trip this week, but I still want to be able to hack the code for Anthrolume while I’m away. I’m sure not going to take the electronics with me (try explaining that to a TSA guy). So I’ve set up the next best thing – remote development using Radmin (a remote administration tool) and a webcam.

The image above shows the setup. Note the webcam at the top looking down onto the Arduino, breadboard, and all 250 LEDs. I remotely control my studio development machine that is connected to the Anthrolume computer via USB. I can send commands to the suit computer using a serial terminal. This allows me to run animations or perform other interactive tasks. I can see the results by watching the webcam on the remote machine. While Byzantine, it is remarkably effective. Below is the image from the webcam’s perspective.

Webcam View

Webcam view

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