Experiments in wearable electronic art.

Suit fabrication

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Suit under construction

Suit under construction

I’ve got the suit fabrication underway. I obtained a new hoodless coverall from Grainger that I like more – it’s cotton/polyester, unlike the plasticy painter suit I first thought of using. Right now I’m placing the LEDs. I’ve got one leg done, as can be seen here. That’s 48 LEDs – almost as many as the whole suit had for Anthrolume 1.0!

The allotment of LEDs is like this:

  • Each leg: 48 LEDs arranged 6 across by 8 down
  • Chest & back: 49 LEDs arranged 7 across by 7 down
  • Each arm: 20 LEDs arranged 5 across by 4 down
  • Head and shoulders: 16 LEDs

The basic procedure is this:

  • Turn the suit inside-out
  • Put a rectangle of strong double-sided tape onto the back of each LED
  • Place the LED onto the suit in the appropriate location with the tape
  • Continue until placement is finalized
  • For each LED, detach the LED but leave tape on the suit
  • Fold the tape in half and cut a semicircle in the tape and fabric
  • Turn the LED around and push the business end through the hole
  • Put a #8 zinc washer on the LED from the other side

Fastening the LEDs

Author: regenesis

Seattle New Media artist.

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