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Milestone: all suit LEDs placed

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Suit with 240 LEDs

Suit with 240 LEDs placed. (The suit is inside-out in this picture.)

Tonight I finally placed the last of the 240 LEDs that will be attached to the suit itself. The last 10 LEDs, which are the cut-off stragglers from the various sections of the suit, will make up the part that attaches to my baseball cap, like the last suit. I’ll run a little wiring harness up the back of my neck for that.

For each LED that I’ve placed on the suit, I’ve also outlined the location with a white fabric marking pencil. That will make it easier to know where to put the LED holes when it’s time to actually punch all these guys through the suit fabric.

Now that the strands are all basically in place I can start wiring the thing up. I’ve been brutal up to this point. When I’ve placed a section, such as a leg, I just snip the strand right off at that point. Each of those snip points will need to be spliced to the next strand (in order – the strand is a single serpentine, directional path), and inject power in at each of those splice points. It’s gonna be a lot of wiring, but it will let me test the LEDs in situ, hopefully within a week or two.

Author: regenesis

Seattle New Media artist.

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