Experiments in wearable electronic art.

Stop time, or let it run



Photo credit: Paul Ressler

Antholume Motion

Photo credit: Paul Ressler

Anthrolume is about motion – the motion that is inherent in the animations I create for the suit and project onto it. As a result, still pictures of the suit always seem to fall short – it really is a time-domain piece. So here you get the contrast – stop time, or let it run to capture the dynamic nature of the suit in a still frame.

Author: regenesis

Seattle New Media artist.

4 thoughts on “Stop time, or let it run

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  2. Do you have video posted of the suit in motion?

  3. Hi there love your motion led suit idea, I was just wondering can you make me one I am in UK a Big chap size xxxl and so love to own one to do a robot walk about party show but would like the costume in a more aesthetic design say like on a suit which is black and has body panels to show chest and thighs, shin area back etc as though its a storm trooper effect but in a kind of bruce lee game of death costume all in one but as I said would prefer it as more super hero looking costume padded areas like batman style costume to give an effect of armor but really its aesthetic 3d design padded in cloth with the leds. Just curious as I am not a company just wanted an idea on price as I am also contacting jorge pong to get a cost too, thank you Mr T Bridle in UK england email

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