Experiments in wearable electronic art.

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How art begins

I am sitting in my studio among a snarl of jumper wires, microcontrollers, test gear, and computers. I’m experimenting with a new, more powerful microcontroller, called a Maple Mini, and a different kind of addressable LED strip for a new art project.

Art Begins

This is how art begins. For me at least.

Once things started flashing, I sorta stopped and realized…this is how art begins for me. Sure, I have a concept, and I am working towards realizing that concept, but I don’t even start feeling like a new art concept is real until I can start pushing electrons around and making something interesting happen. So it always comes down to electronics and software. Then when I see what’s possible, and what might be possible, my head starts really spinning with the possibilities.

How art begins isn’t that important – just as long as it begins.