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New battery boxes completed

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I just finished fabricating the five boxes that handle power for Anthrolume 3.0. Four of them hold the 12 batteries that power the LEDs in the suit, and the middle box holds four more batteries that power the CPU box. Additionally that last box consolidates all the power together and contains the master power switch.

Battery Boxes

Battery boxes for the Anthrolume 3.0 belt.

Last year the power switch was located at the back of the belt, which, idiotically, I couldn’t reach. So I had to have someone reach around my waist to turn the suit on. This year that design flaw is remedied. Now the power switch is in the front where it ought to be. Having the belt clasp in the front will be more convenient too.

This morning I did a full system test with the suit running off the new battery boxes and new CPU board and everything’s working great. There’s just a little more fabrication to do to create the wiring harnesses that link all the battery boxes together, and after that it’ll be all software and animations.

Author: regenesis

Seattle New Media artist.

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