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Sleeves mapped…98% done

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Sleeve map

Sleeve mapping, left side

I just finished mapping out the LED positions on the sleeves. The shape of the sleeves was hard to model when I was trying to budget out the LED counts because they have varying circumference. I had originally estimated < 210 LEDs for the sleeves, and when I mapped it out I ended up at 168. Here is the breakdown of LEDs right now:

Front Back Total
Shoulder-to-sleeve 172 172 344
Bottom cylinder 247 221 468
Left sleeve 43 41 84
Right sleeve 43 41 84
Total 980

There are two spaces on the sides of the trench that are going to each get six LEDs, and there are four places on the front and back that will get two LEDs each. That will put me at exactly 1,000. Too late for that tonight, but by tomorrow the entire trench will be completely mapped.

Author: regenesis

Seattle New Media artist.

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