Experiments in wearable electronic art.

All LEDs mapped, new file format

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Over the weekend I added the locations for the last 20 LEDs, bringing the total to exactly 1,000. You can see the locations on these (admittedly poor) photographs of the front and back. I’m going to reshoot these soon, but I cranked up the curve so you can see the white marks on the trench. There will be an LED at all the intersections of the white lines.

Front and back

1,000 LEDs locations

Also I modified my Animaker software to emit a single file that contains all the animation sets, animations, metadata, and actual frame data into a single big file. Re-exporting the 150 250-LED animations I had previously created for the Anthrolume 3.0 suit, the output file is 28.7MB. Since the trench has 1,000 LEDs instead of 250, I expect the trench’s file to be about 114MB.

Author: regenesis

Seattle New Media artist.

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