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Holy trench!

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Holes holes

First batch of holes in the trench

Or, perhaps I should say, hole-y trench.

I started burning the holes into the trench today. I did a little over a hundred of them, in the most complicated part of the trench. The left and right front of the trench has the front pockets (which I’m trying to preserve) and an inner zipper flap. So some of the holes have to burn, say, through the front of the pocket, but not all the way through. It’s a little tedious and provides plenty of opportunity for error.

After a while as you’d expect I got a good rhythm and technique going. I poke a hole straight through, then bore a little “+” out from the center to the boundaries of the circles I drew yesterday, then around in a circle to finish it out. It takes about 20 seconds for each of them. At that rate it’ll take around six hours to bore all the holes.

Tuesday I’m ordering 1,500 nylon washers, and after they arrive I’ll be able to mount all the LEDs. I’m pretty excited to get into that part of the fabrication.

Author: regenesis

Seattle New Media artist.

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