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I’m the one and only ventilator

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521 holes

521 holes burned into the front of the trench

I now have a well-ventilated trenchcoat. Over the course of the Memorial Day weekend I have burned the holes for the entire front of the suit – 521 holes. It is mostly an easy (if monotonous) process, with a few exceptions near the edges, or where there are features of the coat that I need to preserve like the front pockets. In cases like that sometimes I have to push a jig into the coat to hold open a space below the hole I’m burning. Those ones take longer, but they’re relatively rare. For what it’s worth, the back of the trench should be considerably easier than what I’ve already done. I’m gonna say another three hours of hole burning and I’ll be done, which probably means I’ll be done by the end of Wednesday night.


A little polyester, and some brain cells, were sacrificed

Now that I’ve sorta figured out how I want to handle the pockets and other semi-complicated parts of the trench, I’m thinking of making some changes to my serpentine path, for instance to try to do all the LEDs on the outsides of the pockets in a single path, rather than having the strand entering and exiting the pockets in more than one place. I will likely make those decisions when I am actually installing the LEDs in the trench, maybe over next weekend.

I’m definitely bored (all possible puns intended) of burning these holes, but I’ve gotta power through to get to the fun parts.

Author: regenesis

Seattle New Media artist.

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