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Perforation, parts, and path

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Back All Holes

Holes in the trench back

A lot of alliteration. But lots of good news to offset it. Tonight I finished the last of the 1,000 holes in the trench that will accommodate the LEDs. There’s no question that burning a thousand holes in a trenchcoat reduces its strength, but I’ve got some faith that this Thailand-made coat is a little overengineered and will be able to bear the 19 lbs of LEDs I’m going to put into it with poise.

Battery packs

Tekkeon MP3450I battery packs

Today two battery packs showed up, so I’ll be able to test those this weekend. One was falsely claimed to be 20 Ah, but has printed right on it that it is 8 Ah, so I probably won’t be using that one. Still, it claims to be able to deliver 3.1A, so I’ll see what it can really do. The other is a second Tekkeon MP3450I, which is a really burly battery that I’m hoping I’ll be able to use. I’m going to parallel up the two I have and see if I can really get 8A @ 5V out of them.


1,600 nylon washers

I’m also excited to have received 1,600 nylon washers, which were quite pricey, but fit my LEDs perfectly (thanks Amber!). These washers are incredibly light – approximately 1/200th the weight zinc-plated steel cut washers I used in Anthrolume 2.0/3.0. When I’m carrying around 1,000 of anything, I’ve gotta be thinking of weight, and these will definitely help.

Finally, I took a second look at the trench’s physical features and came up with a revised serpentine path through the suit that takes into account the pockets and front flap of the trench better than the original path. This is the final path, and now I have everything here to actually put the LEDs into the suit. It’s an exciting time!

Serpentine Path 2

Final serpentine path

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Seattle New Media artist.

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