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Trench progress – the first 200 LEDs

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I’ve been slowly working on the trench – a combination of software and fabrication. I’ve now got 200 LEDs installed and I can drive them with the computer from last year. In the video below, I’m sending animations from the old 250-LED suit to the 200 LEDs in the trench. Since the LEDs aren’t arranged in the same pattern as the ones in my old suit, the animations are all messed up. The point is just to ensure the LEDs work and that my new Anthrolume software works. (Remember that I now conglomerate all the animations into a single file – that was a big change to the software.)

Also you can see a “missing” column on the front of the trench. That’s intentional – that’s where the strand makes its way back up from the bottom of the trench, so that space will get filled in with LEDs later. Another happy observation is that the translucent nylon washers I’m using actually transmit some light from the barrel of the LED out through themselves, which is a pretty cool effect. I was afraid I’d miss the reflectivity of the heavy metal washers I used on AL3.0, but these nylon washers are great too.

Washer Sorting

A super fun way to spend an hour

Speaking of washers, I also discovered that about 500 of them were not exactly the same as the rest, and not in a good way. They are 1/10 mm thicker, which makes them both heavier, and worse, yellower. I’ve returned those to Fastenal to get them replaced. But of course…they were mixed in with the other 1,100 good washers. That means, you guessed it, I had to sort those 500 out of the rest. What fun that was. Take a look at the picture below…can you tell the difference? The picture shows one handful at the bottom – I sorted about 10 handfuls. Ugh.

Author: regenesis

Seattle New Media artist.

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