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Half way!

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Tonight I mounted the 500th LED on the trench. It’s a pretty exciting milestone.

Incredibly, I can still run the trench off the two Tekkeon MP3450I batteries I have. I don’t have any power taps installed in the coat to distribute power yet – I’m only powering it on the two ends of the LED strand. If I make the lights particularly bright, the LEDs in the middle get pretty reddish because they’re not getting enough juice. That’s a temporary thing until I build the power distribution network inside the coat.

I have to say these batteries are kicking ass, so I’ve gone ahead and ordered four more of them. I’ll have a total of six running in parallel, capable of delivering 24A at 5V continuous, and a total of 69.6 Ah of capacity on my belt, weighing in at just under six pounds.

I’m on a roll now…it takes two hours to put a hundred LEDs into the trench…I want to get them all in there by the end of the week.

Author: regenesis

Seattle New Media artist.

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