Experiments in wearable electronic art.

Progress: 800 LEDs mounted

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I’m continuing on my relentless LED-mounting spree, consistently adding 100 LEDs a day. The recent additions included the left arm, which took about twice as long as other parts of the trench because it is difficult to reach both the front and back of the fabric at the same time.

I now am testing the strands of 50 individually before I put them in because I don’t have enough power to run the thing anymore. More batteries will show up next week, and I will probably press and old PC power supply into service, which can deliver 16A at 5V.

800 LEDs mounted

800 LEDs mounted

In this image I don’t have Bob’s arms through the sleeves – it’s hard to put on him that way due to the weight of the suit, and there’s too much risk that his hands will hook a wire inside the sleeve. I think I may temporarily “disarm” him soon.

Author: regenesis

Seattle New Media artist.

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