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Milestone – all LEDs mounted!

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Last night I mounted the last of 1,000 LEDs into the trench. It’s a project milestone for sure. I also donned the trench, which I’m happy to report is a one-person operation, and while it is definitely heavy, it is manageable and relatively comfortable. (I didn’t even have the lining in it, which will likely make it even more comfortable.)

1000 LEDs!

1000 LEDs!

In this photo, the front of the trench is not clasped because I haven’t done that work yet. I cut the buttons off so it only hangs open right now.

I absolutely suck at sewing, but yesterday I did some of that anyway. I had to reinforce one hole that weirdly coincided with one corner of the pocket, and sew a little bit of the pocket opening closed to protect that LED. I also sewed closed all the front button holes for strength. I was going to put anorak snaps into the front of the trench, but now I’m starting to think about using “hook and eye,” skirt hooks, or other hooks if I can find some that fasten positively rather than passively.

The next week is going to be all software work. I’ve invented a new mode of musical interaction for this year, and I’m going to start implementing that. Also I’m going to try to synthesize a “points file” for the trench that describes to my animation software the location and order of all the LEDs. Then I’ll be able to re-render all my Anthrolume 3.0 animations for the trench’s 1,000 LEDs.

Author: regenesis

Seattle New Media artist.

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